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  • We have so many happy customers already that we just cant fit them all on here.

    As this is a new website we havent had time to put them all on here yet, so if you want to be the first to tell us how amazing our Silver Screens are then just let us know.

    From T4 Silver screens to T5 pop top screens, keeping you cool in the summer months to the snuggled and warm in thoose cold months for the hardcore campers.

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    Pat Ledwith Created on 23/11/2015 21:18

    Now the cold weather has arrived, we've used the silver screen for our T4 camper for the first time since we bought it a couple of months ago.  It was brilliant and made a real difference to how warm and snug we were in our little camper. It stopped all the warm air from escaping through the canvas, and it was really easy to put on.  We are thrilled!

    Nick Waring Created on 15/06/2016 16:19

    We finally got away with the van and the new screen and as the previous review says the difference is brilliant. Not only was the van much warmer but the kids slept better in the roof because it blocks out the light in the mornings. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Daren and the screens to anyone wanting to extend the season with their van. We have a T5 but I suspect they are all as easy to put up and take down.

    Nikki Created on 12/09/2016 23:16

    Great bit if kit, Daren was so helpful and such a good guy when we got it wrong and needed to exchange screens!!

    Eric Sykes Created on 29/11/2017 16:04

    He likes to brag about happy customers and to refer you to his blog. That's because he deletes all the ones he doesn't like. Do not deal with this company.

    C.O.D.S.Wallop Created on 23/12/2017 09:21

    What is the point of this business site? It is so out of date it suggests they are no longer trading. Unless it is brought up to date, caution is advised or you may be disappointed.

    Jasper Giles Carrot Created on 19/05/2018 09:48

    Have just been advised by an unsuspecting associate that the owner of this business is on long term sick leave awaiting a serious operation and therefore will be unable to complete any orders for months. You might be well advised to look elsewhere.
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